My (potential!) Mad Pride flag design!

von freakoutcrazy

So I was fartin‘ around in Photoshop tonight, thinking about how Mad Pride should have its own flag (like how other Pride communities do), and I decided to come up with a design. I have no idea if what I’m posting here could or would ever catch on, but for now I’m going with this design, and I wanted to type up an entry on this blog to explain the symbolism behind it.

I chose to use the yellow spectrum monochromatic colour scheme for the stripes, because traditionally yellow is associated with lunacy. (One example of this is in the short story, „The Yellow Wallpaper“, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.) The numbers and shades of yellow represent the diversity of madness, and are left up to interpretation.

The „Psi“ (the symbol of psychology/psychiatry/parapsychology) is seen on a slant, representing alternative ways of perceiving the world, and alternative views regarding mental health issues. The dark red was the colour of the Psi I happened to pull from the web, but I used it anyway because I thought it looked better than the other colours I had tried out. Again, it’s not specifically symbolic of anything… it’s up for interpretation.

I welcome any feedback, encouraging or critical, of this design – please, leave your comments!



Here is an alternate design, since some people are finding the angled Psi rather harsh looking:

An upright Psi loses the „hammer ’n sickle“ feel of the slanted one, and looks less like a devil’s pitchfork. Everything else about the design remains the same.

Do you prefer this design? What would you add/change? I may have some other designs up later.