Yet More Drugs for Schizophrenia and ADHD

von freakoutcrazy

EnVivo Pharmaceuticals is touting positive results of research into a drug they’re developing for schizophrenia. The drug right now is called EVP-6124, but will eventually be called Relaxafin or something equally ridiculous. The Phase 2b study of the drug was tested on 319 “chronic schizophrenia patients” in the U.S., Russia, Ukraine and Serbia, a practice that continues to interest me. I wonder, for example, if diagnostic criteria differ in those countries and how cultural differences shape the notion of who is called a chronic case. Phase 3 will focus on the drug’s efficacy in treating cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia. For the full press release, go here.

In other news, Targacept is about to go into Phase 2 trials of TC-5619, which the makers are hoping will treat both schizophrenia and ADHD. For the schizophrenia trial, this study will be conducted in the U.S. (25 percent) and Eastern Europe (75 percent) and will enroll 450 participants. For the ADHD trial, the 85 enrollees will be primarily in the U.S.

What’s especially interesting to me about this latter study is the focus on symptoms of inattention in ADHD, which, according to Targacept, are not currently being addressed pharmacologically. What concerns me greatly, however, is that this means we’ll have another drug on the market that is basically intended to treat children. Some children may benefit. But others may be medicated to their detriment and unnecessarily.