Orgasm Inc.

von freakoutcrazy

This documentary film is a great intro to how pharma works for people who are not otherwise affected by its deviousness. This film documents what is an attempt to make EVERY woman feel like she is not enough, and that she is diseased, and therefore needs a drug. This is done via disease mongering — the creation of disease where there may not be one at all. It’s something that happens in all of “medicine” for the express purpose of selling pharmaceuticals. It’s rampant in psychiatry.

For more information on this particular disease-mongering trend there is a book called, Sex, Lies, and Pharmaceuticals: How Drug Companies Plan to Profit from Female Sexual Dysfunction, the author is featured in the above film as well. A review of the book is here.

Here is another review from the Wall Street Journal from a while ago.

Go here for your own copy of Orgasm Inc.

On a slightly different note, it’s an irony that a lot of psychiatric drugs do truly cause a real sexual dysfunction for many people. In that there is a clear and total change for such an individual upon taking SSRIs and often antipsychotics too (this may also indicate a much deeper emotional disconnect as well). Psychiatrists have been known to use viagra (and other, generally useless methods — chemical castration is hard to reverse as long as you’re still taking the offending substance) for both men and women. Taking additional drugs may help bring profit to pharma, but they rarely gets people who are taking psych meds really functioning well again.