APA 2012 a social media extravaganza!

von freakoutcrazy

by soulful sepulcher

APA 2012 a social media extravaganza!

The twitter hashtag #APAAM12 used for the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting 2012 in Philadelphia was a fast-moving bonanza of information coming from psychiatrists, social media hounds, and APA protesters and more. At the beginning of the meeting there were tweets about the protesters:

There was chatter by psychiatrists, such as Dr. Bob Hsiung, a long time Internet user and creator of „Psycho-Babble“ site

There were journalists writing about the DSM-5 who were in attendance at the APA meeting and that writer walked out of a symposium:

„“Totally deceptive,” I said. I swung my backpack over one shoulder and walked out of the room.“ wrote Ferris Jabr from Scientific American.

There was a workshop given by psychiatrists on the public image of psychiatry, where Dr. Bob used real-time tweets as part of his presentation in his slide presentation:

„We Have Seen Psychiatry’s Public Image and It Is Ours http://www.dr-bob.org/talks/apa12.ppt
There were cartoon commentaries
And there was something unexpected, and unique to the conversation between Psychiatrist’s and critics that happened:Dr.Bob shows the love to pharma-psychiatry critic @writewithStan where upon reading that, I exclaimed, „Now I’ve seen it all!“
For a great round-up and wrap up by the wise and retired psychiatrist 1 Boring Old Man, go HERE where he takes apart the DSM-5 topic piece by piece.The chimp image above depicting the DSM-5 task force and the cartoon was created by writewithstan who never fails to inject humor into these discussions!
Last but not least, this was also a hashtag on twitter where I found via Dr.Steve Daviss, the author of an interesting article on Zoloft and cell eating (autophagy) by yeast. This was slightly confusing as to how it (the info from the study)applies to humans, so Dr.Daviss asked the author to clarify which he did, and you can read the author’s answer here.

BY being part of the #APAAM12hashtag and reading it for days, I was able to keep a pulse on the happenings, where there were lots of „Dollars for Docs“ KOLs tweeted about when they were giving their KOL talks to attendees, there were tweets from pharma cos, tweets from protesters of the APA, and lots of social media contacts to be made and observed.

I feel the use of social media this way is a positive one where all voices can be heard, and if „psychiatry“ was truly listening, they would use this tool to their advantage, to keep a pulse on what the outside world is saying about their profession. This is what Dr. Bob seemed to do.