The Empire of Humbug: Bad Pharma

von freakoutcrazy

Note: This is the fourth in the Lasagna series of posts – Not So Bad Pharma,  April Fool and Tragedy. It will be followed by The Empire of Humbug: Not so Bad Pharma, Brand Fascism & Witty A: Report to President.

The First RCT

In 1956, two of the creators of the modern RCT, Lou Lasagna and Michael Shepherd, met. The randomization in randomized placebo controlled trials came from Bradford Hill in Britain and placebo controls from Beecher, Gold and Lasagna in the US. In 1956, Michael Shepherd, Bradford-Hill’s representative in all things psychiatric, came on sabbatical to stay with Lasagna at Hopkins’.  [Lasagna is on the left].

Lasagna Shepherd 1956