The Hearing Voices Movement: Has it Really Been 25 years?

von freakoutcrazy

The Hearing Voices Movement:
Has it Really Been 25 years?

Can you hear voices and be healthy?

Can people who hear overwhelming and distressing voices be assisted to find ways to live successfully with their voices?

The hearing voices approach originating in Europe and developed in partnership with voice hearers indicates that this is indeed the case.

There are now peer support networks in over 27 countries across the world with groups and a network now being developed in the USA.

In November 2012, Cardiff, Wales, more than two hundred and fifty people who hear voices, see visions and have other unusual and extreme experiences (referred to as “hearing voices” in the rest of this post), family members, friends, activists and allied experts by profession came together from around the world. The purpose of the three-day meeting was to celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of the formation of hearing voices movement, to consider the lessons learnt so far and to envisage what we should be doing over the next 25 years. The excellent film, “Voices Matter“, that you can now view on this site, is a record of the event and I strongly recommend that you take a look.