Hearing Voices Network Launches Debate on DSM-5 and Psychiatric Diagnoses

von freakoutcrazy

When I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, the clear message I received from the mental health system was that I was ill. Everything that I said and did was caused by my illness. The horrendous abuse which I had disclosed “never happened” – even thinking it did was part of my illness. If the abuse did happen (one psychiatrist did believe me) then, in his words, “Pandora’s box should never have been opened”.

Because I was ill, “I needed to take medication.” The fact that I didn’t want to take medication was “because I was ill.” If I wanted to get better, I “must accept my diagnosis and take medication” and then they would give me welfare benefits and a free bus pass. I wouldn’t ever recover. I would always have this illness. I wouldn’t be able to work. I didn’t know what was best for me. I lacked insight. As mental health professionals, they all knew what was best for me, because they were the experts.