Next Steps: More Lessons Learned From the DSM-5 Boycott

von freakoutcrazy

You never know what you’re going to accomplish when you start something. Which is why you start it. Of course, you have to have a plan – always a plan; you have to be associated with other committed individuals; and you have to be fortunate enough to be moving in the same direction as the flow of history. You’ll only know if you’re on the right track when you resolve the classic dilemma of whether to do or not do by doing.

When we initiated the DSM-5 Boycott back in February, we had a plan and a series of objectives:

• Dissuade as many professionals as possible from buying and using the DSM-5; cost the financially stressed American Psychiatric Association income; and undermine the status and prestige of the DSM and the APA;
• Expand the membership of our Coordinating Committee and form working alliances with as many like-minded organizations as possible;
• And, ultimately, disrupt and damage the APA’s relationships with the key players of the public mental health system – Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Government.