DSM-5 Writing Mistakes Will Cause Great Confusion

von freakoutcrazy

There are two very different kinds of mistakes that any DSM can make — bad conceptual choices or bad writing. The big conceptual botches in DSM-5 have been discussed extensively elsewhere and won’t be covered again here. These are things like the new diagnoses (e.g. Mild Neurocognitive, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation, Binge Eating, Behavioral Addictions) and the reduced thresholds for existing ones (e.g. removing the Bereavement Exclusion for Major Depressive Disorder).

Our focus now will be on the fact that DSM-5 is filled with glaring mistakes in wording and coding. The devil often lurks in these very small details. I have learned through painful experience not to underestimate the potential mischief caused by seemingly tiny word changes.