Will Hall on the anti-identity identity politics of madness

von freakoutcrazy

Awhile back I posted on emergent tensions in identity politics and self-positioning within the ‘mad movement(s).’ Of course, this issue also affects folks caught up in self definition, psychiatric labeling, and treatment who might not even be aware of a ‘thing’ being referred to as a ‘mad movement.’

A key part of that post–you can find it here–was a section where I quoted–with permission–from a heated dialogue that occurred on the U.S. International Society for Psychosocial Approaches to Psychosis (ISPS) discussion group. I invited Will Hall to respond, because he’s a person that garners significant respect across various groups in the U.S. ‘psychiatric abuse survivor’ or ‘mad’ movement(s). Will missed the original request, but was gracious enough to give permission for his very thought provoking response to be posted on this blog.