Tapering Neuroleptics: Two Year Results

von freakoutcrazy

As I have described previously, I have been tracking my experience with tapering neuroleptic drugs in my clinical practice. With all of the people I see who are stable on a particular dose of a neuroleptic drug, I discuss the risks of long-term use of these drugs. We also discuss the potential benefits.  This conversation varies from person to person. We take into account what has happened in the past,  how he is doing now, and what she has to lose if her past problems were to re-emerge.  If a person wants to taper, I suggest slow reduction; 25-30% every 3-6 months.  I keep track of who chooses to taper and who does not.  I now have a colleague who is doing the same in her practice.   Together, we are following 112 individuals. We presented our data in a poster presentation at the Institute of Psychiatric Services in October, 2013.