DSM-5 Boycott Enters 2nd Phase: A Primer for the NO-DSM Diagnosis Campaign

von freakoutcrazy

I.  DSM-5 Boycott: Yes, the boycott of the DSM-5 continues. I can’t tell you how many fewer DSMs have so far been purchased as a result of the boycott; and conversations I have had with professionals in New York’s public mental health system lead me to believe that the great majority continue to accept the validity of the biomedical model and the centrality of psychoactive medications in the treatment of persons caught up in the public system. Perhaps that’s the most important argument in support of the boycott’s continuation – we have so many more folks to reach.

To date, 2136 persons have endorsed our boycott statement; little more than 4,000 individuals supported the petition of the International DSM-5 Response Committee, composed in the main by members of the Clinical Psychology Division of the British Psychological Society and Division 32 of the American Psychological Association. Approximately 2000 Spanish and French professionals, psychoanalysts for the most part, also signed petitions opposing the sale of the DSM-5 . . . in sum, little more than 8000 persons in the U.S. and Western Europe, a comparatively miniscule number when one considers the millions of DSMs the American Psychiatric Association anticipated selling.