Embracing Movement Diversity

von freakoutcrazy

The psychiatric survivor movement (and our overall “movement,” some of whom don’t identify as psych survivors) is about as diverse and varied as the world itself. We are becoming perhaps the largest social justice movement ever to exist. Almost all women and queer people have been categorized by DSM diagnoses for being women (PMS, postpartum depression) or queer (homosexual, gender identity disorder), not to mention all the other groups who have been affected. Everyone is a survivor of the effects of the psychopharmaceutical industry on our consciousness.

Which is not to say there is not a vast range of suffering and marginalization within that, but we have all been harmed by the impact of the psychiatric industry on our world, just as we are all survivors of the Industrial Revolution. We are all survivors of strip malls, pollution and GMO crops even if we never shop at them, live in the woods, and aim to eat all organic, locally grown food. Some things are pervasive enough that they affect everyone, though they is a very wide range within that. I know a few people who have had minimal trauma in their lives and have been among the “advantaged” in almost all areas of life including gender, class, education, health, emotional response and childhood experience. These few probably would not automatically identify as psychiatric survivors.