Mind the Gap: The Space Between Alternatives & Force

von freakoutcrazy

Force in ‘‘mental health’ care’ has been a popular topic for decades now, yet it’’s scary how similar the conversation remains.  ( For example, see the ‘‘Declaration of Principles‘’ published in 1982 in Phoenix Rising or the ‘Insane Liberation Front Manifesto‘ as documented by Tom Wittick.)  Jonathan Keyes’’s recent blog certainly generated quite a bit of commentary caught between conflict and assimilation, and the very mention of the infamous Treatment Advocacy Center (no, I will not link to them!) gets many of us boiling over.

Yet, the conversation has also seemingly lost its way.  There’s a vastness between what we think we are demanding and what is actually being conveyed that can sometimes feel impenetrable.  Often, I’’m not sure we’’re really even engaged in the same conversation, as much as we superficially may appear to be.