Based on a True Story Filled with Lies

von freakoutcrazy

2014 and the winds of change are blowing.

Danish psychiatry has been besieged by scandals.  Or perhaps it is better to say ‘exposed’, as many of the scandals – like massive overmedication, deaths etc., – have been an ongoing problem for years. 2014 has started off with a bang. Two deaths due to psychiatric drugs acknowledged as being the cause of death. This is the first time this has happened.

I go back in time to November 2008, the morning when my phone rang and an almost unrecognizable voice at the other end was screaming “she’s dead, she’s dead, she’s dead.”  The months that followed I watched as psychiatry closed in around itself, untouchable, and a family destroyed. That was the first time I came in contact with psychiatry’s dirty little secret: People die in psychiatry.

I wrote this after she died, when I realized that psychiatry had a whole system in place to remain untouchable and the family would never receive justice. We gathered together with others who had lost a loved one to psychiatry and together created the organization ‘Død i Psykiatrien’ to work for change.

Her death has never been acknowledged as drug-induced despite clear evidence, but 2014 has seen two families who have, and that bodes well for the future.

This story is her story but I changed her gender, age and name. It is in three parts and has been performed as Spoken Word with and without music on a variety of occasions.