The ADHD Diagnosis is a War of Semantics, Waged on Children

von freakoutcrazy

Since I am new on Mad in America, I will tell you; my mission is to debunk the ADHD diagnosis. My goal is to add common sense to a world where drugging kids for acting like kids is all the rage. When discussing ADHD with concerned adults I share how little is required to earn a diagnosis of ADHD. Learning just how non-scientific the diagnosis actually is, for many, is a shocking discovery.

Having an honest look at the 18 childish behaviors that pro-ADHD experts call “symptoms” can help even the most ardent believers realize there is something fishy going on. Understanding the details of how ADHD is diagnosed clarifies how every child with a healthy heartbeat and an appropriate level of immaturity can be “diagnosed” ADHD. So, without further ado, let us dive into the stagnant waters of Dubious Diagnosis Bay, home to Club ADHD: The Last Resort.