Dr. Lieberman’s Swansong

von freakoutcrazy

As my readers know, I am a great fan of Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, President of the APA.  In his capacity as president, Dr. Lieberman writes a regular bulletin in Psychiatric News.  These literary and intellectual gems have been a wonderful source of inspiration to me in my efforts to draw attention to psychiatry’s flaws, and I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that in many respects, Dr. Lieberman has been one of our greatest allies.

Month after month in his writings, Dr. Lieberman has provided convincing evidence of my oft-made assertion that psychiatry is intellectually and morally bankrupt, and is devoid of even the semblance of honest self-appraisal or self-criticism.  So it is not without a sense of nostalgia and sadness that I must announce that Dr. Lieberman has written his last President’s Message.  It was published on April 24 and is called Thank You for the Opportunity.