What Is Biological Psychiatry and Why Is It So Important To Know?

von freakoutcrazy

In a recent discussion on Mad in America (MIA) I made the following statement: “I am NOT anti-psychiatry, but I AM proudly anti-Biological Psychiatry. And I believe anyone who critically reads the science reported at MIA, combined with the narratives of survivors and other dissidents, should be too.” This comment was part of a spirited, and at times, contentious discussion about Daniel Mackler’s recent blog titled “An Ode to Biological Psychiatry.” This blog was a scathing critique of the pervasive historical trend in psychiatry that essentially dominates the entire mental health field in this country and throughout most parts of the world.

The distinction I made between being “anti-psychiatry” versus “anti-Biological Psychiatry” is NOT one of simple preference or just some type of semantic argument. This is a strategic distinction that could actually mean the difference between a movement that remains isolated and on the fringes of society, or one that has a real chance of gaining enough allies – including within the broader struggle for human rights internationally – to truly end all forms of psychiatric oppression.