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More than Half of UK Antipsychotic Prescribing is Not for Authorized Conditions

More than half of the prescriptions for antipsychotic drugs in the UK are being issued “off-label” to treat conditions other than those for which the drugs are approved, according to a large study published in the British Medical Journal Open. Researchers also found significantly higher levels of prescribing of the medications to poorer people.

The team of University College London researchers examined instances of nearly 48,000 people in the UK receiving antipsychotics between 2007 and 2011. Most of these people were not being given the drugs as treatments for schizophrenia, psychosis or bipolar disorders for which the drugs have been studied and approved by the government, the researchers found, but for other conditions, such as anxiety, depression, dementia, sleep and personality disorders.

“The prescribing rate was significantly higher in women than in men, and people aged 80 and above were more than twice as likely to be treated with an antipsychotic as those aged 40-49,” stated a press release about the study. “Those living in areas of deprivation were more than three times as likely to be prescribed one of these drugs as those living in areas of affluence.”



Dr. Datta – Still Repackaging Psychiatry

On December 1, Mad in America published an article titled When Homosexuality Came Out (of the DSM).  The author is Vivek Datta, MD, MPH, a British physician.  The article was also published the same day on Dr. Datta’s blog site, Medicine and Society.

The article focuses on the removal of homosexuality from the DSM, which occurred in 1973.  Dr. Datta discusses this issue and various related themes, and he draws some conclusions that, in my opinion, are unwarranted and misleading.

Here are some quotes from Dr. Datta’s article, interspersed with my comments.


Grounded „Eutopianism“ Piecing/Peace-ing our Way Together: Toward a World with Commons and without Psychiatry


Liberal “Mental Health” Reform: A “Fail-Proof” Way to Fail

An ever-growing number of people are aware that something’s horrendously wrong with psychiatry — survivors, families, professionals, psychiatrists themselves. Of these a subsection has become actively involved in trying to bring about change. All of which is good. This notwithstanding, sincere and dedicated though almost everyone is — and it is clear that people are — only a tiny percentage of these are pressing for anything truly transformative (something beyond the humanistic correctives or additions typically called “reform”).


Vortrag „Die zerbrechliche Frau – Kritik an der Psychopathologie in feministischen Räumen“

Triggerwarnungen haben sich ebenso etabliert wie Awareness-Strukturen.

Was bedeutet diese Entwicklung? Für wen sind diese Strukturen und Ansätze (tatsächlich) gedacht?

In feministischen Räumen werden zunehmend Methoden der Psychologie übernommen. Individuelle Emotionen stehen im Vordergrund – ohne dass diese in die Prozesse eingebunden werden, in denen sie her(r)gestellt werden. Verhalten und Empfinden werden selbst in feministischen Räumen pathologisiert (für krank erklärt) und das Sprechen über (sexualisierte) Gewalt auf Psychotherapien ausgelagert.
Welche Emotionen sind erlaubt? Welches Bild von Frauen wird in diesen Entwicklungen reproduziert? Welche Umgänge mit Gewalterfahrungen sind gestattet?

Es geht im Vortrag um eine Kritik daran, Frauen für krank und zerbrechlich zu erklären und wie dies in feministischen und linken Räumen häufig reproduziert statt hinterfragt wird.

Es wird einen längeren Input geben, in Diskussionen wird es aber auch Raum geben, sich zu streiten und sich gemeinsam kritisch mit der
Thematik auseinanderzusetzen.