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A Debate Between Allen Frances and Robert Whitaker

After Allen Frances and Robert Whitaker spoke recently at the Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry conference in Los Angeles, where they had a brief debate, Frances wrote to Whitaker suggesting that they should continue this debate in print. They do so here. Whitaker’s response follows Frances’ post.


Zwangsbehandlung nach Betreuungsrecht – Neuregelung § 1906 BGB

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Keine Zwangsbehandlung für Hartz-IV-Empfänger per Eingliederungsbescheid

Das Jobcenter Schleswig-Flensburg versuchte einen Empfänger von Leistungen nach dem SGB II (Hartz IV) per Eingliederungsbescheid unter Sanktionsdrohung dazu zu zwingen, sich psychiatrisch behandeln zu lassen. Dass dies Grundrechte verletzt, meint auch das Sozialgericht Schleswig.


UN: Ensure No One is Detained in Any Kind of Mental Health Facility

The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, authoritative body that interprets this treaty, has now confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that all mental health incarceration violates Article 14 of the CRPD.

In their Concluding Observations on Austria, the Committee said:


Forced Psychiatric Treatment (and Protection against it) in Germany in 2013

For years, people in Germany who act like they are radical antipsychiatry activists have said that in this country psychiatric violent (forced) treatment has been forbidden. Unfortunately, this is not true.

The cause of the confusion is that different judgments of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, which, in individual cases, denied psychiatrists the right to use violent treatment because of its substantial violation of the patient’s fundamental right to life and physical integrity. The court called this long-time practice illegal and demanded a new legal basis. In addition, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities forbids legal discrimination against people with disabilities (including psychiatric diagnoses). Just like people without psychiatric diagnoses, they have the right to refuse unwanted medical interventions.